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UK CORONAVIRUS CANCER MONITORING PROJECT (UKCCMP)- learning from every case of COVID-19 in cancer patients

Our project emerged from the collective will of the oncology community in the UK. We launched on the 18th of March 2020. We were one of the first COVID-19 pandemic population-scale projects for cancer patients in the world.

The UKCCMP worked to learn from every case to reduce risks to cancer patients by our innovative research programmes. We leveraged new health record infrastructure and digital technology to accelerate COVID/cancer insights.

The project was an success and lead to several high profile papers. It changed oncology practice globally. It gave cancer clinicians across the world the confidence to continue with cancer care during the pandemic.

The project was commended by the inquiry report of the United Kingdom’s All Party Parliamentary Groups for Vulnerable groups. It noted the importance and benefit of our research in delivering important data on vulnerable groups very quickly. Our data also formed the basis of the May 2022 United Kingdom independent government report identifying cancer patients most in need of further protection.

It remains a testament to strength, agility and resilience of UK NHS, excellence of our oncology networks (RCR, ACP, NOTCH, UK chemo board), academic institutions (Birmingham, Oxford, Leeds, UCLH, KCL) and patient networks (Macmillan and CRUK)

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